Cezanne himself may have called this cheese a Tomme, a cheese slowly ripened over months to bring out its richness of flavor. Our Cezanne starts with a sweet, creamy goats' milk from our herd of Oberhaslie, sometimes called “Swiss Alpine”. The fresh curds themselves have a delicious unique taste that results from the combination of cultures used to give birth to the cheese. The small waxed rounds are aged at least two months & its creamy texture has made it a hit w/many people.  During the months of cave-like dwelling at 55 F, each Cezanne is watched, turned & cared for by our cheese makers.  When ready, this cheese has a firmness like Munster but a stronger, more interesting flavor.  When you taste our Cezanne, you’ll appreciate this long, nourishing relationship.

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This cheese was originally made only in French monasteries, the Saint Paulin Style. It was the first cheese made with pasteurized milk. Degas matures over a month or two into a tender consistency with a sweet and discretely salty taste. It is a true gift from our herd of Oberhaslie goats. Our Degas has proved finicky. They are 4-inch red-waxed wheels, the small wheels being popular for home enjoyment.  The softness of the rind is maintained while the creamy inside develops.

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Why call a cheese Picasso? Picasso took a canvas and made his own unique marks on it. Our cheese makers take the fresh white curds that form when special cultures are added to pasteurized goats' milk. These initially mild tasting curds are the canvas for creating SleepyGoat Cheese delicacies. A plain Picasso is your canvas for artistic experimentation. And we make several flavored Picasso’s such as herbs de Provence, paprika and garlic, jalapeno, five-pepper and garlic, curry-membrillo, even chocolate!



This cheese reflects the terroir of our region -- our goats, our land, our water etc. It is a non-waxed, hand rubbed little cheese aged with special care for two months, during which time it develops a tan-to-yellowish rind with a creamy interior and a very special taste reflecting the care and time that went into processing it. Each little cheese weighs about .5 lbs. This may be one of our all-time best cheeses.



Alexander the Feta

A stalwart recurring favorite of many cheese eaters, our feta has been a big hit. It is made from fresh goat's milk and aged several weeks until the flavor develops, and sold fresh or aged. The feta process can be applied to curds made from any milk (the original feta was from sheep's milk). What makes it a feta is aging in a salt brine. Special Bulgarian cultures result in a creamy cheese which, with aging, becomes deeper. SleepyGoat Feta is sold it its brine and will continue to age in your refrigerator.




Our Rousseau has also been  a popular cheese.  This cheese is an unsung hero; in its early stages it is a simple white cheese picking up flavor from whatever is put with it.  Very nice as little cubes in olive oil, basil & walnuts, for instance.  As it ages, it develops a distinct flavor standing well on its own.  The early and late (6+ months) Rousseau’s are really like different cheeses.  One interesting characteristic is that it enhances what it is put with & does not overwhelm but rather blends.  When heated it deepens in flavor but doesn’t melt; it softens and adds character to the dish, such as ratatouille.  It is a good addition to something for which you need a fusion taste rather than a conspicuous stand-out ingredient.  If it dries out, use as sprinkles for salad and as part of a dredge for meat or vegetables. As this cheese compliments other flavors, we also offer it aged in oils with herbs as Rousseau in Oil.


Goat Blue

Making a blue cheese is time-consuming & requires a lot of attention.  Before it is waxed, each cheese has to be punctured by hand many times to make small holes for the blue mold to grow into, then aged another few weeks, & turned every 2-3 days to establish uniform growth.  From time of pasteurization until the finished cheese is about 10 weeks.  We sell it in rectangular slices, with a black-waxed rim.  This nice Roquefort-type cheese can be eaten by itself, sprinkled on salad, melted on a burger (very delicious).  We have experimented with various techniques making this labor-intensive cheese, taking care to keep the blue culture from “socializing” too much with other cheeses in the cave.  When asked why Goat Blue is somewhat more expensive than the other aged cheeses, Della tends to reply, “Go get a goat and make some!”



Van Cheddar

The process of ‘cheddaring,' layering cheese prior to pressing, gives an evenly and characteristically smooth, tight pate that is ivory in color.  Usually made with cow's milk, our goat cheddar has a unique and delicious sweet- tangy flavor.  It is aged from 6 months to a year.  Pressed into cylinders, it is waxed before aging so that it comes packaged in 4" wheels of variable heights and weights, depending on how much is cut off the cylinder. 


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